Merchant IDs
You can have as many Merchant IDs in your business account as you need - reach out to your Account Manager or Technical Implementation Manager at Coindirect so that they can set up MIDs from the Coindirect side. Alternatively, you can do so on the Settings -> Manage merchants page yourself:
List of MIDs
MID details
Edit MID details
On the "Merchant Details" page in your business account, you can see all of your MIDs.
MID Field
Merchant Name
This name will be viewable on Payment pages to your customers. See Payments How-Tos
Merchant ID
This is your Merchant ID (MID)
Secret Key
MID Secret. It is needed to validate webhooks you receive from Coindirect
Webhook URL
The URL that Coindirect will be sending webhooks to
Your MID funding wallet. All payments that you create via the API, will be processed to/from that wallet in your business account
You can update the "Display Name", "Webhook URL" and "Wallet" fields at any moment by submitting new values and clicking "Save"
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