API Credentials

How to create API keys

Once your Account Manager or Technical Implementation Manager confirm that the account is activated, you can generate your API Key.
To do so, go to the Settings -> API integration page in your business account and fill in the "Generate a new API key" form on the right side of the page by specifying the Key description, ticking "Allow withdrawals" if you want to create payouts via API, and whitelisting your server comma-separated IPs. Please note that you will not be able to edit the IP whitelist later.
List of API keys
Specify the Key name and make a decision on withdrawals. Don't forget the IP whitelist! You can whitelist multiple IPs - just hit Enter to add the next one
Submit your 2FA code
Keys generated
The new key is added to the list
The old key can also be deleted
Your HAWK Auth ID and Key should be stored on your side. Since it is only displayed once, you should write them down or copy them into your application code immediately. If it is lost, you will need to revoke the compromised key on the API Keys page in your business account and generate a new one.
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